Airbnb To Scale In Cuba

Omar Fonseca the travel agency in Cuba was stunned after getting a surprise call from Airbnb asking for a meeting with him.
For the past years he was doing a business similar to Airbnb in Cuba, where the residents are refusing from using private internet access. His company is connected with casas particulares, private houses rented by the travellers through the internet.
He does the business by posting the images of the houses on websites, communicates with foreigners and request home from house owners through telephone, so he is very familiar with Airbnb business type.
In a place like Cuba, where there is no internet facility to book for a rental using the Airbnb, people require the support of phone or some other SMS based apps to make a booking.
Unlike other places, Cuba already has a licensed industry that depends on many private houses to rent out rooms to travellers who come to see the beauty of the island.
Most of the houses in Cuba find their clients through telephonic interactions and those who refer tourists to those private houses will be getting a business license.
Forensa changed the procedure, as he started to find his clients by having a relationship with foreign travel agencies and through online.
Airbnb can improve its business if he got fewer people like Omar Forensa.Out of 1000 houses listed on Airbnb websites, 100 of them were from Forensa and partners.
Airbnb will not pay him but he gets the commission from each house he book through Airbnb. He delivers the payment through cash to the clients.

The Short Stay Services Interrupts Airbnb In Asia

The Short term home rental services that start in Asia with new feature disrupt its super hero rival Airbnb.
Here are the top four rivals of Airbnb:
Homeaway has completely acquired Travelmob, a social networking website for accomodation and home rentals focussing on the Asia pacific region.
The sixty three percent of U.S. Company’s acquisition of Travelmob was its first attack in Asia and now it is proceeding further with its expansion of new 14 websites across Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Korea and various Asian markets. As part of the extension Travelmob has now changed the image of Homeaway with its website directing to the parent companies.
Homeaway which launched in more than 190 countries are operating with forty websites in 22 languages was slow during its launch, but it is increasing its service in Asia.
Tijia serves Chinese travellers having the properties inside or outside China. It has more than 3 lakh of listings across 135 countries which also provide services to the hosts.
Getting into someone’s home is really a weird thing.Most of the people doesn’t have interest in stepping into someone’s house, so Roomorama brings out the idea to give accommodation in professionally managed platform similar to apartments.Roomorama is having a highly safe payment system.
BnB hero:
This is a South Korean company having more than 5000 properties listed on its site. It is now working to impress hosts so that it can form a private accommodation belt.

Opera House in Airbnb Listings

The new partnership of Opera House with Airbnb has paved ways for a number of new travelers to visit Sydney.

This team up of Airbnb with Opera House in Sydney is to connect the city with a number of hot tourist spots.

This is considered to be an essential partnership that Airbnb has formed since its launch. This partnership is to allow international and domestic visitors to focus on the top tourists destinations in Sydney, which has reached to 8.2 million visitors every year.

One of the fantastic outlooks in this team up is that both depend on the communities. Airbnb plans to build a community of people who like to travel around the world sharing the homes and opera house which is considered to be the greatest house focus to build a community of many things that where they get an offer.

The opera house gives an opportunity for thousands of hosts with good ratings to visit the Opera house, which celebrated its 42nd birthday recently. This partnership benefits well for both the Opera House and home rental company.

This partnership is not only an advance thinking about Opera House trust, but Australia’s move to keep hold of the sharing economy. This partnership still doesn’t allow the guests to book for a night stay to the world’s one of the historic arts centre. There are a huge number of visitors who come to visit the place and take photos.

Airbnb is one of the leading companies in hosting more than two million guests in Australia, where a quarter of the Airbnb stays were based in Sydney because of the Opera House.

Airbnb spends more than $200,000 on influencing efforts in LA

Airbnb, the most successful and familiar online hotel distribution network is all set to rule in LA. Earlier, the company influenced the government’s law on stricter regulations and achieved victory in San Francisco. It is now successfully operating in the city with no serious official interference. It is also a potential threat to the traditional hotels in the city.Airbnb is looking to do the same in Los Angeles as well; the company has spent around $200,000 to lift the government’s law on strict regulations. The company collects over $35 million as market revenue in the city every year. It has a splendid record but is still not satisfied with it and is looking to have full access to its service.

The company allows people to rent their apartments to make money off it and has extended its service to business travelers as well. Airbnb is known for its efficient service and an endless list of controversies as well. Los Angeles has regulated the service in order to maintain the city’s peace and harmony. In order to break free, the company has spent millions of dollars on lobbying the efforts. Buy the best vacation rental software at zoplay

Brian Chesky, the founder of Airbnb started the company with only few listings in its website, but now grew to be the stronger online renting service. Let us hope Airbnb does not involve in any controversy during its service in the city, even if it does, it has money to influence the lawsuit.    

Airbnb’s Enormous Safety Problem

Airbnb, one of the home rental companies is not sure about its safety of travelers across the world. Every property in Airbnb is different, but most of the hotel rooms will be same. It is considered to be the main attraction of Airbnb but it cannot guarantee safety that chooses to stay in a different atmosphere when compared to hotel rooms.

In 2013 one of the guests of Airbnb had a tragic experience in one of the Airbnb rental. The guest booked a room for his family in Texas where there was a pleasantly old-fashioned rope suspended from the tree. When his father tried to sit on it, the tree’s trunk collapsed on him causing him brain death. This tragedy reveals Airbnb’s insecurity program for the travelers who choose the site for having a good time.

The home rental company has more than two million properties in its program, so it is a difficult task to certify each of its apartments, home and Treehouses. The more Airbnb advertise for the safety of the travelers, the more it is responsible if the assured events went wrong.

Sometimes Airbnb’s worst photography’s keeps the guests away, as they can’t see the clear view of the property for which they are paying for. Airbnb has to improve this by sending professional photographers to record host’s property without any charge. It already succeeded with this plan which helped the company to double its revenue.

Airbnb can fund for the development and security of a third party’s property and award the host a certification that they could display in the listings.

Airbnb shows positive sign of growth in London

Airbnb, the largest hotel distribution network is very famous and popular around the world. It was found by Brian Chesky in 2008 and the company has achieved success within a short period of time, kudos to the team! Airbnb is widely famous in European countries because they receive many tourists every year. You very well know how breathtakingly gorgeous those countries are! England’s capital London has got some beautiful tourists spots that attract thousands of tourists around the world. Nearly 11,000 hotels from Airbnb’s listings give a tight competition to the so called “traditional hotels” in London.

Several hotels from the listing cost up to 100 to 200 pounds and those traditional hotels are not cheaper than Airbnb’s hotels. People now show interest towards the house sharing website due to cheaper rates. They are convenient and do not charge extra taxes from the customers unlike those fancy hotels. Several cities in London have got a large number of hotels from Airbnb than traditional hotels. Brian Chesky is also looking to expand the network by adding more hotels to the listing. The company also targets business travelers and it promises to offer luxurious features to them. Due to the large inventory, Airbnb is always way ahead in the competition and the traditional hotels must catch up ASAP.

Airbnb looks stronger than before and shows an incredible growth in London every year. More than half of the users return back to Airbnb after their good experiences and London could possibly lose its traditional hotels in near future.

8 Crazy and Amazing Airbnb Rentals

Staying in different crazy places will keep us divert from usual life, so here are some crazy spots you have to book through Airbnb:The Magic Bus:

How do you feel when you stay in a school bus??

It will be quite thrilling to stay in a bus located on a 5 acre ranch with a comfortable queen size bed, bathrooms, bamboo gardens and aquarium tickets. They will even provide you fresh breakfast to make your day good.

Shipping container:

If you are searching for a better location to spend your vacation then getting shifted in a shipping container is the best choice. The home is located on a 10 acre in Montana within full wifi facility inside and outside you will experience a fire pit to warm yourself.

Tree House:

Can you find anything more magical than this tree house?

This tree house with a living room, deck and bedroom connected by means of a rope bridge will be one of your best vacation spot.

Nakagin Capsule Tower:

It is considered to be a distinct part of Tokyo where you can stay with a different experience. This metabolism style architecture in Japan was meant to show the ability to replace parts as necessary.

Elqui Domos:

People who are interested in reading whole Earth catalog will be interested to stay in this spot for a night or even two. This property has seven geodesic domes to sleep under stars with detachable roofs.

Execution rocks lighthouse:

It is a lighthouse located off the coast of a Long Island and here you get the opportunity you spend some time with ghosts.

House boats:

This house boat in Paris is simply charming where in it sits in the seine and located in the centre of the city.

Seashell house:

This house in Mexico will fit your holiday spot painted in white with beautiful shape of shell.

Airbnb’s strategies to fetch business travelers

Airbnb has over 1.5 million listings across 34,000 cities in 190 countries. The service includes boat houses, tree houses, apartments, hostels and so on. The growth is expected to be rapid in the following years to come. The business which is worth $25 billion is now trying to fetch business travelers. Airbnb has implemented many smarter tactics to attract business travelers. The service is planning to provide wireless internet connection, an ironing board and a hair dryer as basic necessities. If you prefer hotels to Airbnb services, you will have to pay parking and other fees. Most of the companies offer to pay for the business travel and the travelers utilize it as a small escape to spend quality time. Airbnb is very well aware of it and playing it up against many hotel managements. The travelers can now choose the preferred listing and the travel manager can have a look through the location and expenses. This strategy seems to do wonders to the Airbnb service and it is a tremendous hit with the travelers.

Airbnb has become a serious threat to the other hotel contenders! Mark Carrier, president of B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group, stated Airbnb as a serious threat to its group. The hotels will now have to cut the prices to gain back the travelers. Though the business strategy is a big hit, Airbnb is also pushed to controversies due to lack of security and safety purposes. But surprisingly, people are more focused to the advantages!

Tesla and airbnb have formed partnership to promote free chargers in selected rentals

Electric vehicles in various rentals. This move shows that, tesla will install electric vehicle chargers at some prime rental locations starting off on California coast.

The CEO and product architect of Tesla, Elan Musk like to find a viable solution for electric cars. Tesla had already spent a million of dollars for fixing 499 super charger stations and that number seems to grow.

A host can be eligible for free super charger only

  • If the entire home is available on the Airbnb
  • If it had more than five bookings
  • If it have an overall starring rate of four or more than that

Some new hosts with existing charge stations will be rewarded with Airbnb’s gift cards after being hosted for the first time. Tesla will not pay for the installation of charger, if it promised to give a charger for free. Instead hosts need to pay for the charger installation which may vary with different prices depending on the layout of home.

The idea behind partnership:

Tesla and Airbnb launched their partnership in Los Angeles, Palm strings, Healdburgs and many more in an effort to make travelers feel comfortable during their trip. Elon Mush have an idea of promoting electric vehicles, as the guests who are staying in different rentals are more likely to use electric cars. Guests may proceed with the same idea of using electric vehicles after returning home if they had good experience with it.

Airbnb Reported growth of 17 million Guests This Summer

 According to summer metrics report, over 17 million travelers stayed with Airbnb hosts in 150 countries from the month of May to August from various countries. Summer is the best time for people to have a nice time with their family. The number of travelers staying with Airbnb accommodation doubled comparing with last year and its growth from Asia made it the company’s biggest market. The increase in the number has not topped off. Another 1 million travelers booked Airbnb stays for the Labor Day weekend in US. The number of guests using preferring Airbnb increased from 7.4 million last year to more than twice that amount this year.


Countries which rated Airbnb:

Three of the most popular routes to book through Airbnb were from Paris to Lisbon, newyork to Catskills and Hudson valley and Seoul to Osaka. China along with South Korea, Japan and Singapore are the company’s fastest moving market and it act as the origin for the number of guests travelling outside their country. Airbnb’s guests from Paris, Newyork and Seoul were the largest source this summer that made most of their bookings to places like London, Upstate New York city, Osaka and many more. Summer travel has grown 353x in just five years. Cuba and Philadelphia is also considered the  fastest growing market with an increase in the number of bookings last six months due to upcoming visit of Pope Francis this later this year.

Report from Airbnb:

According to a report from Airbnb, the average number of its summer’s guests was 35 years old which is considered to be the oldest age among the millennial where female guests outnumbered male guests and the number split was 54% to 46%.